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How does Chinese cupping therapy work?

Jun 16, 2017

Chinese cupping is a form of Oriental healing and traditional Chinese medicine that is believed to be around three thousand years old, and from the first accounts, it is known to heal pulmonary tuberculosis. In relatively more recent times, it is mentioned in the documentation, A Handbook of Prescriptions for Emergencies, written in 300 AD by Ge Hong, a Taoist herbalist. This form of healing cup therapy is non-invasive in nature and works on the Chinese surmise that ailments are caused when the “qi” or “chi” or the life force of the body is disrupted because of some ailment or injury. Cupping therapy works to restore this equilibrium and thus heal the patient and provide pain management.

Chinese Cupping Therapy takes its name from the cups that the practitioner uses to create vacuums over the affected points of the body. In a way, it is an extension of the acupressure form of treatment because it also focuses treatment on specific points on the body. For more background on the rich history of cupping or Chinese Medicine as a whole be sure to check out one of our best articles, An Overview of Traditional Chinese Medicine.