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Reminderband Colors and sizes: where to start

Jun 08, 2017

You’ve come to Reminderband to design something for your event but with so many awesome options, youre at a crossroads. Dont worry! Were way ahead of it and weve already thought up some helpful resources so you can pin down your colors and sizes for your wristbandswhatever the occasion.


First up, lets talk colors. If you are designing something for a cause, event, fundraiser, or awareness, and youre just not quite sure what colors to go with, weve got a great reference point for you. Some causes and awareness movements have a commonly associated color, but some situations are less obvious. Our Color Guide gives a basic run-through of our traditional stock colors and the general moods and meaning of each color, to help you decide how to best convey your message.


So, youve nailed the color and look of your wristbands; stellar work! Now, what sizes to choose? Thatll depend on who will be wearing them. Our recommendation is that most folks up to about 190 lbs can fit comfortably in a Medium-sized wristband. Adult males or folks who want a bit more room on the wrist would probably be better served with a Large. Elementary school age kids can usually fit in a Small with no issues.


And YES, you CAN mix your sizes within your order at no extra cost!


If you want to get a better feel for exactly how big each size really is, you can use our sizing guide. This will allow you to cut out a strip and fit it around the wrist to determine the best sizes to order. You can view and download it here.


As always, let us know if you have questions. Were here to help you succeed in making your design work. Happy band building!