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Silicone Kitchenware silicone Funnel

Dec 15, 2017

Product Detail

  • Material:Silicone

Product Description

(1) Don't impact violently or scratch with sharp instruments.
(2) Be sure to wash it using dishwashing detergent and wipe off the water when using it for the first time.
(3) Do not use it on open flame, and do not expose to open flame or heat. It may become deformed or discolored. In addition, be sure to use it below the allowable temperature limit.
(4) After using it with oil or fat, immediately wash it with dishwashing detergent. It may become discolored. Avoid using scouring powder or deodorizers...
(5) After use, wash thoroughly with a sponge, etc., using detergent and wipe it off before storage
(6) Use only for intended purpose.

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Items Nonstick Silicone Cookie Kneading Dough Flour Mixer Bag
Material Silicone
H S Code 9405500000
Size 32.5*22cm
N. W. 180G
Color Various Colors
Type Silicone Dough Mixer Bag


These funny moulds are safe to use between -60 to 260 degrees C. For best results, once baking is complete, remove from oven and place on a cooling rack until safe to hold. To remove food, simply invert the mould and apply gentle pressure to the bottom whilst gently peeling away.

Oven Safe
Microwave Safe
Dishwasher Safe
Fridge Safe
Freezer Safe
Caution: Do not place under or over direct heat such as a gas ring, electric hob or grill elements. Do not use metal utensils to remove food from the mould. Do not exceed min or max temperatures.