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90 After The Use Of Silicone Suctorial Tableware In The Praise

Aug 31, 2017

90 after the use of Silicone Suctorial Tableware in the praise
At present, the Silicone Suctorial Tableware because of its unique advantages, has been repeatedly exposed by the news, advocate more people to use this safe, non-toxic, tasteless, healthy and environmentally friendly household kitchen utensils, not only diverse colors, more high temperature, Smashing, easy to clean, anti-aging and other unique advantages.
Why Silicone Suctorial Tableware high temperature is not afraid of falling?
Because the silicone products in the use of "food-grade FDA, LFGB" as the standard special silica gel as raw materials, through molding or encapsulation with hardware, plastic and other materials through the kitchen in the transformation of a new type of kitchenware category The With its unique environmental protection, chemical stability, high temperature, soft, anti-fouling, dirt, non-stick and other superior performance, in many materials, kitchen utensils stand out.
Silicone Suctorial Tableware contains two categories: one is pure Silicone Suctorial Tableware, one is coated Silicone Suctorial Tableware. The so-called pure Silicone Suctorial Tableware is the whole product is made of silicone material. Package plastic Silicone Suctorial Tableware is mainly package hardware, plastic package Silicone Suctorial Tableware. Pure silica gel material, the use of silicone material itself to play the advantages of its own direct kitchen operations, plastic package Silicone Suctorial Tableware, but it is the use of silicone material to help other tools to help protect the indirect convenience of kitchen operations.
70 after 80, 90 after the use of Silicone Suctorial Tableware in the praise, "Silicone Suctorial Tableware 6 major advantages have replaced the traditional kitchen utensils" into China's various families and high-end restaurants.
Silicone Suctorial Tableware from the production to the production, during this period, if the Silicone Suctorial Tableware did not do any packaging work, and storage time in the warehouse for too long, the Silicone Suctorial Tableware is difficult to stick a lot of dust, deposited in the Silicone Suctorial Tableware on the dust too long , To deal with relatively troublesome, but also spend a lot of manpower and valuable time, I believe many manufacturers of Silicone Suctorial Tableware also encountered the same problem, the following Xiaobian for our support.
Silicone Suctorial Tableware dust tips:
1, spray the handle oil
In the Silicone Suctorial Tableware product surface spray a layer of oil, not only dust effect is very good, and feel very good, but the cost has increased.
2, packaging processing
First with a high pressure air gun blowing clean silicone loaded inside the plastic bag, and then sealed up the box, and finally covered with a lid, so that there will be no fear of dust sticking to the surface of the Silicone Suctorial Tableware.
3, dealing with static electricity
Silicone Suctorial Tableware will be static, it is normal, you can change the formula to eliminate static electricity to dust, but not realistic, this will lead to Silicone Suctorial Tableware performance is unstable, and does not meet international standards, customers will not agree.
According to the above method to do a good job dust work, the late will not have too long to deal with the dust of the troubled, and this method is also applicable to different silicone products.
  Kitchenware is one of the necessities of the family kitchen, kitchen cleaning and maintenance is essential, if the cleaning and maintenance work is not in place, the kitchen will remain on the oil and bacteria, will directly affect our health, the following Silicone Suctorial Tableware Manufacturers Xiaobian share, Silicone Suctorial Tableware correct cleaning and maintenance methods.
 Cleaning of Silicone Suctorial Tableware:
        1, Silicone Suctorial Tableware products for the first time, we need to pay attention to before use, first with water to clean, remove the surface of the dust debris; then water disinfection sterilization. General Silicone Suctorial Tableware products will have a manual, according to the correct operation can be cleaned.
        2, placed in high temperature boiling water in the cooking disinfection, after each use, the product can be soaked in diluted detergent semen in 10-30 minutes.