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Buy High Quality Silicone Bracelet Six Ways

Oct 20, 2017

Buy high quality Silicone bracelet six ways
Silicone bracelet has become a hottest fashion jewelry darling, the market has all kinds of different, different prices of Silicone bracelet. In fact the products are cohabitation, it is easy to buy inferior Silicone bracelet. Poor quality Silicone bracelet for a long time will be distributed unpleasant taste, leading to dizziness, nausea, not only can not repellent, but also counterproductive, some low-quality Silicone bracelet may contain chemical composition, is likely to harm the body. So how do we avoid the purchase of inferior Silicone bracelet? Next by the silicone kitchenware manufacturers Xiaobian to explain to you.
Chinese medicine pay attention to "look, smell, ask, cut", there are two other ways to identify, although the form is different, but we buy the Silicone bracelet when you can start from these four aspects of reference;
Method one: look
First look at whether the hand ring is clean, the color is the same, followed by the bracelet whether there are flash, the general high-quality Silicone bracelet will be trimmed clean, and finally look at whether the box is complete writing, with or without printing error, Thickness "is consistent, whether the edge of the hand ring of excess colloid.
Method 2: smell
Silicone bracelet is a serious smell, the general shoddy Silicone bracelet smell very pungent, and high-quality Silicone bracelet is basically no pungent odor, and the case of heat does not soften does not change color.
Method three: asked
Can be used to test the way the Silicone bracelet material is true silicone. You can cut the silicone ring with a little bit of fire, false Silicone bracelet after the fire is the edge of the black, was fire burning, smoke black, with a stench. While the real Silicone bracelet, the burning edge of the white, burning the residue for the powder.
Method four: cut
"Cut" is mainly to distinguish between hand, high-quality silicone hand ring appearance evenly, feel smooth and delicate, toughness, flexibility are very good, not easily due to external force and permanent deformation, and feel will be more smooth, but fake silicone keys easy to deformation , Because the fake Silicone bracelet surface is not a layer of grease-like material, so it will be more rough. Second, if the Silicone bracelet on the convex color of the word or LOGO, the letter or LOGO can be deducted, if the letter or LOGO have deduction phenomenon, then the bracelet can not be! Is definitely a problem!
Method five: combustion method
1, really Silicone bracelet burning no matter what color Silica burning edge is white, was carbon burning, flame uniform, white smoke, tasteless, burning residue is white powder, a pinch on the broken.
2, false Silicone bracelet after the edge of the fire is smoke black, and stench;
Method 6: solution method (this method is difficult to identify ordinary consumers, and generally the quality inspection departments or factories will use this method)
Take the silica gel bracelet and contact with the surface of the smoke, collecting white powder, the powder dissolved in 40% sodium hydroxide hot solution (60 degrees) take a drop of the solution into the test tube, add two drops of molybdate, slightly heated, After cooling, add a drop of aniline solution and 3-8 drops of saturated sodium acetate solution to observe the color reaction of the solution, if there is a blue description of silicon, proved to be silica gel raw materials made of Silicone bracelet.
Low-quality Silicone bracelet: fake Silicone bracelet quality bad and bad, feel very poor, easy to deformation, but the extruded bracelet are not some deformation, it is likely that these Silicone bracelet material has been mixed with impurities. So that the hardness and elasticity of the hand ring to lose the original function, it will not be deformed. High-quality Silicone bracelet: silicone hand ring hand will feel more smooth, the appearance is also very good. There is a certain degree of flexibility, such as being squeezed in just a few pulls will be restored. General bracelet in the mold before the mold has been used for frost or smooth treatment, so the bracelet is not a layer of grease material. Such as the mold surface is not dealt with, the bracelet will only be more rough, rather than feel smooth, the network refers to the oil-like material, but the mold is not treated and with the machine oil only, such as hand ring with a layer of grease-like material The bracelet is a substandard product.