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Creative Products: Can Be Graffiti Silicone Mat

Sep 20, 2017

Creative products: can be graffiti Silicone Mat
It is the use of raw materials is a simple silica gel, compared with the base of its silicone material, which is a kind of food through the standard silicone raw materials, not only anti-hot insulation, and easy to scrub, usually as long as a clean scrub with a clean cloth, or water Wipe dry after you can rest assured that use.
Silicone Mats can also be used for graffiti
Seen the past, fur, metal, glass made of Silicone Mat, this Silicone Mat is not some strange, made of special silicone material Silicone Mat, itself has a graffiti-type pattern, you can stimulate the child's imagination, you can Encourage children to graffiti in the above creation, inspire children's inspiration. Without having to limit their desire for graffiti on top. Simple and easy to clean the material itself has a green and practical features. Very suitable for families with children's choice.
Beautiful and easy to clean
Environmental protection and reusable Silicone Mat material, in a minimal way to protect the furniture surface while adding a stylish design element and modern decoration. Using manual silk screen technology, so that each Silicone Mat are like fabric and paper as beautiful.
China's current commonly used Silicone Mat is generally paper or cloth, the paper can only be a one-time use, is not conducive to environmental protection, and cloth is not easy to clean, use several times it is more dirty, this special material of silica gel Mat just to make up for the lack of both, not only beautiful and durable and environmentally friendly.
Silicone Mats are flexible and easier to adhere to heated objects, and the shape can be heated with the requirements of the change design, so that heat can be transferred to any desired place. The general plane heating element to carbon as the main component, and the Silicone Mat is arranged after the nickel alloy resistance line composition, so you can use peace of mind. And its planar heater can be made into various shapes as required.
We all know it is easy to use, but do not know its precautions, the following to tell you about the use of Silicone Mat precautions.
1, the electric heating belt can be wrapped around the diameter of more than thirty of the piping absolutely can not overlap. The
2, the heat parts and piping close fit, this time, electric extension part (thick parts) please do not bend.
3, when the electric tape is fixed in the pipe, please use the Silicone Mat adhesive adhesive tape and glass fiber tape.
Also note that: heating per square centimeter of power in the 0.8W or more, please contact; Silicone Mat heating products can not be directly used in the liquid use.
In recent years, colorful, modeling cute variety of Silicone Mats quickly became popular, despite the high price, but still popular. Silica gel is a highly active adsorbent material and an environmentally friendly material that can be recycled. It is non-toxic and tasteless, stable chemical properties, -60 ℃ to 260 ℃ environment it can easily cope, water heating, oven, frying pan, microwave heating will not release toxic and hazardous substances, safe quality no doubt, even infants The pacifier is made of silicone, Silicone Mat is used to do the most suitable.
Silicone Mat also has a lovely and friendly jelly color, rich and colorful colors, used to make a variety of Silicone Mats, so that the kitchen more of a touch of fashion and cheerful. Colorful kitchen utensils, inspired people from the curiosity of cooking and try to desire. As well as with the classification of the label plate, a set of four, the color is different, were used to cut vegetables, cooked food, raw fish and raw meat.
For other materials, Silicone Mat, it also has a special place: soft, foldable, flexible, easy to deformation. Made of silicone made of bowls, bowl wall unique folds design, one hand will be able to shoot flat bowl to hold, his hands gently flick can be fully open. Made of silicone foam pad, steamer, etc., when not in use can be rolled up in the kitchen corner. Many trendy housewives like DIY cakes, cake sweep, cake scraping, spoons and molds and other tools, there are a lot of silicone do. According to the experience of DIY, soft silicone tools to facilitate the control efforts, cream, eggs and other raw materials modeling more natural.