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Discussion On The Problems Of Silicone Travel Accessories Industry

Aug 18, 2017

Discussion on the Problems of Silicone travel accessories Industry
Silicone travel accessories range of products mainly include tires, rubber sheet / strip, rubber tube and rubber shoes. In recent years, by the impact of domestic and international economic situation, the rubber industry is facing weak market, poor sales, financial constraints, exports blocked and other difficulties, a substantial decline in economic efficiency of enterprises, losses continue to enlarge. The reason for this is that there are the following problems:
First, the market supply and production capacity of a serious surplus. On the one hand, many places blindly launched a large number of small rubber processing enterprises, resulting in excess capacity of domestic production and disrupted the market; the other hand, foreign companies such as Michelin, Goodyear, etc. to direct sales or joint venture, sole proprietorship Such as beachhead in China, the total supply of the domestic market surplus. Analyze the real purpose of mainstream funds and find the best profit opportunities!
Second, the product structure is serious and unreasonable, middle and low product serious excess, incomplete varieties, high-end products rely on import and export. Such as China's tire radial rate of only 15%, while the world's radial rate has reached more than 90%. For high-performance, high-speed tires domestic imports also need. China can produce more than 650 varieties of tires 7 varieties, but foreign tires have reached more than 3,000 varieties.
Third, small and scattered production enterprises, the lack of economies of scale and competitiveness. To tires, for example, China's 60 key enterprises add up the production is also not worth a foreign large Silicone travel accessories company's output.
Fourth, some small businesses disrupt the market, the impact of large enterprises. Many small business technology and detection methods behind the product quality is not guaranteed, but these enterprises have no social burden, wantonly down the price, so that large enterprises have a serious impact on production and management.
Fifth, the production process and technology behind the new product development capability is weak. So far, China's rubber industry has not yet formed a complete set of research - production - sales - service system, Silicone travel accessories research and development capabilities and the world level than the gap is very large, China's product performance, variety can not be the root cause of the grade. In addition, the old equipment and the backward production process to make the product raw material consumption, high production costs, lack of competitiveness of enterprises.
Silicone travel accessories in the corona treatment is a kind of material surface treatment technology. Compared with the surface treatment technology of metal materials, rubber surface treatment technology is too small, mostly concentrated in foreign countries.
Corona treatment: mainly used for plastic, aluminum foil, paper and other materials, film surface treatment. When the equipment is running, corona discharge occurs between the electrodes, a large number of ions bombard the surface of the material and enter the internal structure of the material, so that the surface of the material molecules polarize, so as to remove the surface dust, oil, improve the surface tension, Sticky prison, greatly improve production efficiency and product quality, has now become a film, printing, coating, composite and other industries necessary pre-treatment.
Silicone Silicone travel accessories control devices play a key role in the structure of injection molding presses. It is an interface with the operator interaction, it makes many of the functions of trouble-free normal to be implemented and work to ensure that the process of repeated reproduction of the process, again and again. The prerequisites for the mass production of high quality molded Silicone travel accessories are only met in all case-dependent impact variables by closed loop control. Which is particularly important for the product quality has a greater impact on the injection phase. Here, the decisive effect is the injection velocity curve adapted to the geometry of the molded article and the transition point to the current holding step, which should be kept exactly for the injection of the cycle.
In the Silicone travel accessories manufacturers competition, the customer's price awareness is already the main competitive advantage of today's silicone Silicone travel accessories market, so in the Silicone travel accessories manufacturers in the production of silicone products to provide production efficiency is the key. In order to obtain economic success, the correct choice of means of production is decisive.
The wall thickness of the injection molding machine component has been reduced as the device, in particular the electrical installation, is increasingly miniaturized. Electrical / electronic appliances, such as mobile phones, have become so small and small, and the cost of production is reduced, but not because the materials used are smaller, but because the thin walls shorten the cooling time and And the cycle time is shortened. The final direction of development, but this is by no means an unimportant direction of development, which is multi-component technology. Now, multi-component technology has been firmly in the plastic processing industry to establish their own position.