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How Can Dry Weather Prevent The Degradation Of Silicone Bracelet Aging?

Aug 09, 2017

How can dry weather prevent the degradation of Silicone bracelet aging?
 Life we all know that ozone in the dry weather will continue to appear with the UV, and Silicone bracelet in the ozone and water oxidation will accelerate aging, so when the Silicone bracelet placed in the dry weather too long when the outside will gradually fall off, the color But also with the fall becomes lighter or more yellow, so that the product gradually changed the original glorious beautiful, looks very old, then the dry weather should be how to prevent the degradation of silicone brace aging?
In the dry weather can be placed in a bright and soft Silicone bracelet place, so that can keep dry and prevent moisture, naturally there will be no peeling off the phenomenon. Second, if the Silicone bracelet manufacturers inventory products appear dry phenomenon can use the humidifier to keep the product cool state.
Silicone bracelet in the production process, the appearance of poor product appearance, has been more attention to the Silicone bracelet thing, because it is directly related to the credibility of the factory, affecting the development of enterprises, then the appearance of poor product is the kind of situation? What is the remedy?
Silicone bracelet bad situation numbness, stains, wind, dark marks, lack of material, etc., the appearance of these undesirable products is due to the molding process caused. The following focus on how to share the common appearance of poor product repair method. Product numbness
Silicone bracelet is the first time in the Western countries to play basketball to prevent the arm sweat flow to the palm of your hand dribble slippery, but now a lot of time as a trend ornaments, its greatest meaning is a spiritual symbol, reflecting the people wearing faith and values.
Silicone bracelet is generally made of 100% pure natural silicone rubber pressed by the hydraulic press; wrist band itself has a certain tension and softness, and thus easy to deformation and immediately restored; with wear resistance, high temperature, no deformation, On the human body without side effects and other characteristics, at the same time with a soft, no cracking, long life and do not stimulate the skin, etc., is a green jewelry
What is the use of Silicone bracelets?
Silicone bracelet for a variety of casinos, playground, can be used as gifts, souvenirs, promotional items, is a hot fashion jewelry; is a low-cost, high advertising advertising promotional gifts. Most of the sports belts do not have any practical use, just a trendy ornaments. The words of words or words on such hand bands usually reflect the beliefs and values of the people.
What is the role of Silicone bracelet?
1. The role of protection, is to strengthen the role of the joints, to protect the knee is not a large range of activities, more obvious is that many players wearing nba that, because the movement will cause muscle strain.
2. from the aesthetic effect, playing basketball beauty a lot, with a comparison of the pull the wind, and this can also give people a little beauty that: like your words, give you send a hand band, wrist or something.
For the surface of the Silicone bracelet, the method is: look at the surface of the stains, if the surface of the stain is very small, then directly with fine sandpaper can be polished; if the stain is relatively deep or relatively large, the first stain Place with a blade to dig, pay attention to the blade to be sharp, dug when the incision to be neat.