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How To Improve The Vulcanization Rate Of Silicone Mat

Nov 02, 2017

How to improve the vulcanization rate of Silicone Mat
Silicone Mat Silicone Mat is a common Silicone Mat, the ordinary silicone high temperature temperature between 200 ℃ -300 ℃. A short period of time the maximum temperature can reach about 350 ℃, commonly used in special performance requirements of silica gel. High temperature silicone tube is composed of four or five layers of reinforced fabric layer and silicone rubber composition of the hose. Silicone tube fabric layer thickness of 0.4mm to 0.5mm, the product can be used continuously at 250 ℃, intermittent use at 300 ℃.
Silicone Mat vulcanization refers to the absence of vulcanized silicone rubber under vulcanization time, temperature and pressure conditions. The process of chemical crosslinking of silicone rubber molecules. We all know that low temperature vulcanization of the product performance is good, but the product production will be reduced, the cost will increase. So many manufacturers will want to how can not affect the quality of products in the case, what methods can improve the curing speed Silicone Mat, shorten the molding time, improve production efficiency and reduce production costs?
1, can be appropriate to increase the silica gel raw materials added in the amount of curing agent, or the use of fast curing agent, in order to speed up the curing speed Silicone Mat, shorten the molding time.
2, can be appropriate to improve the curing temperature of the molding, but the general structure of the product will be different, so the specific temperature needs to test to decide.
3, change the way the silicone material nesting, try to make the mold in the pressurized process, the silicone material can try to fill the entire mold wall.
4, change the number of exhaust and exhaust stroke. In common sense, the greater the exhaust stroke, the more the number of exhaust, will be conducive to exhaust. But it is not the case, we need to decide according to the structure of the product, some Silicone Mat exhaust stroke, but there will be bubbles and other issues.
5, the molding operator to speed up the operation speed, to minimize the mold time, in order to stabilize the Silicone Mat mold temperature, improve the curing speed Silicone Mat.
Silicone Mat has a unique combination of properties, especially silicone rubber biocompatibility is a key feature, it has been successfully used for other rubber with the ineffective occasions, to solve a number of technical problems to meet the modern industry and The daily needs of life. As with other rubber, silicone rubber can be processed into various profiles, hoses, strips, tape and other paper products, room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber can be used for large area construction, easy to use.
According to the unique characteristics of Silicone Mat, has been widely used in various fields, the following few to do a brief description:
Silicone Mat in the automotive industry in the application of rapid growth, silicone rubber (especially with a variety of characteristics of the silicone rubber) can be resistant to fuel, lubricating oil erosion, improve the use of various parts of the car performance, reduce maintenance costs. Can be used for automotive ignition lines, spark plugs, heating and radiator hoses, muffler lining, battery connectors and fuel pumps made of fluorosilicone rubber. With the development of electronic electrification of the vehicle, room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber is widely used in electronic parts, electrical assembly of the potting material, windshield glass, the body around the seal and the mirror and other adhesive sealant.