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How To Overcome The Silicone Houseware

Jul 07, 2017

How to overcome the Silicone houseware

With the development of Silicone houseware products industry, more and more plastic products are replaced with Silicone houseware items, has bred the Silicone houseware items the violent development of the industry, in the Silicone houseware items, the city of dongguan, is also more and more competition, according to incomplete statistics greatly small Silicone houseware products factory in dongguan in 1000 or so, in the production of Silicone houseware gifts, Silicone houseware products, miscellaneous pieces of Silicone houseware items and so on, every corner around dongguan, so so many Silicone houseware products factory, dongguan how to overcome the survival in the future? Small make up in the Silicone houseware products industry for so many years, also clearly realize part of Silicone houseware goods factory fall, a wave of Silicone houseware goods factory suddenly rise, this is like "the Yangtze river after the waves steady, before the wave died on the beach" so small make up personal think the future of the Silicone houseware products factory in the face of survival, should consider the following:

1. Focus

Silicone houseware articles for use a lot of products, such as kitchen utensils and appliances, adult supplies, gifts, infant supplies, sundries, etc., can't finish all areas, also can't do a good job in several areas, so in the end what all not, draw water with a sieve, a Silicone houseware goods factory want to long-term development absolutely inseparable from its core areas, such as: green appropriate silicone rubber products factory, from born to do abrasive, in the field of Silicone houseware supplies adult supplies with many years of production experience, this is the absolute advantage.

2. Core technologies

Now Silicone houseware supplies technology is mature, many products don't have any technical content, here is for domestic sales of the product, but the awareness of people's living standard is higher and higher, need perfect product also more and more strong, this is the need of withdrawal core technologies, such as, a development of the new product, how to ensure that I is a leader in this product, this is the core technology.

3. Design elements

Silicone houseware products currently on the market has been very serious product homogeneity, Silicone houseware factory need to how to control the homogeneity of products generate, guarantees the unit price problem, this is to reflect the design elements, a lot of Silicone houseware products factory has been to imitate, not own design elements, in the end can only help others processing, even with all the customers cooperate with you, also could not get some of his own Suggestions and aesthetic feeling to persuade the customer.