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New Implant-grade Silicone For Class II And Class III Medical Devices

Mar 16, 2017

     Santa Paula, California – November 19, 2014 – Applied Silicone Corporation, a global supplier of long term implantable silicones for the medical device and critical healthcare market, introduces an implant grade, high consistency addition-cure silicone rubber (HCRA) optimized for improved productivity, better dimensional control, and reduced scrap in extrusion processes.

     The extrusion process requires constant monitoring and adjustment to maintain the  dimensional tolerances of tubing. Applied Silicone’s next generation HCRA 4700 series delivers reduced porosity, high plasticity, long table life, and dimensional stability for faster extrusion line speeds and reduced scrap. Supplied as a two part 1:1 elastomer system, the HCRA 4700 series is available in 20-kg kits of 35, 50, and 65 Shore A, which can be blended to create custom durometers or physical property profiles.

     “We listened carefully to our customers to define and deliver the optimum properties to improve their overall production process,” said Alastair Winn, President of Applied Silicone Corporation. “We are very confident that our optimized HCRA 4700 series combines carefully controlled plasticity and rapid cure to create an excellent base to extrude challenging profiles and maximize line speeds.