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New Silicone Lids From JOY HOME

Jun 15, 2017

JOY HOME, a brand under ATHOME, presents a new collection of brightly colored silicone suction lids. Capturing trends and the desire to fulfill the needs of busy lifestyles today, JOY HOME’s silicone suction lids will perform several kitchen tasks with ease. They have been designed with an airtight suction capability that will allow a smooth seal to all containers. They not only prevent food from spilling, but they will keep food fresh longer. They are also heat resistant up to 475 degrees Fahrenheit and can be used when cooking or steaming. Designed to fit most kitchenware sizes, they come in either round or square silhouettes and in the vibrant Core Kitchen colors. Made from food safe silicone, the suction lids are dishwasher safe. The lids will hang with hanging tab and they’re made to be stackable.


The Square Collection are sold in sets of three (one small, one middle, one large) and fit a lasagna tray with ease.

They are available to buy now.