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Progress Made Silicone Houseware Applications In Various Fields

Nov 02, 2017

Progress made Silicone houseware applications in various fields
Silicone houseware has a unique combination of properties, especially silicone rubber biocompatibility is a key feature, it has been successfully used for other rubber with the ineffective occasions, to solve a number of technical problems to meet the modern industry and The daily needs of life. As with other rubber, silicone rubber can be processed into various profiles, hoses, strips, tape and other paper products, room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber can be used for large area construction, easy to use.
According to the unique characteristics of Silicone houseware, has been widely used in various fields, the following few to do a simple description:
(1) the automobile industry
Silicone houseware in the automotive industry in the application of rapid growth, silicone rubber (especially with a variety of characteristics of the silicone rubber) can be resistant to fuel, lubricating oil erosion, improve the use of various parts of the car performance, reduce maintenance costs. Can be used for automotive ignition lines, spark plugs, heating and radiator hoses, muffler linings, battery connectors and refueling pumps with Silicone houseware. With the development of electronic electrification of the vehicle, room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber is widely used in electronic parts, electrical assembly of the potting material, windshield glass, the body around the seal and the mirror and other adhesive sealant.
(2) electronics, electrical industry
Electronics, electrical industry is Silicone houseware as the first use of insulating materials, the demand for a larger area. Silicone rubber is mainly used for TV anode cover, high pressure protective cover, high voltage lead wire, refrigerator defroster wire, power or signal transmission with wires and cables. Insulators made of silicone rubber will replace ceramic products widely used in transmission lines, especially ultrahigh voltage lines. Conductive silicone rubber for electronic computers, telephone and other equipment, electrical contact parts and liquid crystal display contact parts. Flame-retardant and radiation-resistant silicone rubber-made wires and cables are widely used in atomic power plants. Silicone rubber heating sheet, heating tape for the control of a variety of precision instruments and oil pipeline operating temperature, in the medical treatment for the heaters with heating blanket. Room temperature vulcanized Silicone houseware can be used as waterproof, moisture and shock with potting material.
Silicone houseware has been widely used in dishwashers and washing machines for the use of heat-resistant washing liquid. Silicone rubber is very suitable for use as a coffee pot, electric frying pan and steam iron and other appliances on the gasket. Stereo headphones ear and head pad to silicone rubber, can eliminate the external noise, and soft and comfortable.
(3) aerospace industry
Silicone houseware is an indispensable high-performance material in the aerospace industry, it can withstand the ultra-cold space and return to the atmosphere of burning, to extend the life of aircraft parts, reduce maintenance costs, reduce accidents. Mainly used for aircraft body hole seals, electrical connectors, sealed switches, dust and waterproof cover, washers, jet engines and hydraulic devices "O" seal ring, oxygen mask, control diaphragm, hot air duct and Radar wireless shock absorbers and so on. Silicone rubber is suitable for use as a rocket fuel valve, power source cable and rocket launcher coating, so as to avoid the burning of the rocket jet. Room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber can be used as air tight seal, window frame seal and shock, moisture potting material.