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Qualified Silicone Baby Bibs Should Have How The Characteristics

Oct 20, 2017

Qualified Silicone Baby Bibs should have how the characteristics
The most common market is the Silicone Baby Bibs and latex Silicone Baby Bibs two, choose safe and healthy is the most important, Silicone Baby Bibs is based on food grade silicone as raw material, colorless, tasteless, high temperature , Is not easy to damage, non-toxic harmless, closer to breast milk texture. So what kind of Silicone Baby Bibs is qualified? Next silicone kitchenware manufacturers with a small tape together to understand.
Silicone Baby Bibs material
At home and abroad is currently the common raw material is LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber), Chinese translation: liquid silicone. Liquid silicone is relatively solid high temperature vulcanized silicone rubber, it is liquid glue, with good mobility, fast curing, safer and more environmentally friendly, can be fully meet the food level requirements. According to the molecular structure of the functional groups (ie, cross-linking point) position, often with functional groups of liquid rubber is divided into two categories: one is the functional group at both ends of the molecular structure known as the remote-type liquid rubber; The active functional groups are randomly distributed in the main chain, the so-called functional groups within the molecular structure, known as non-telechelic liquid rubber.
Silicone Baby Bibs features
1, qualified Silicone Baby Bibs must be free of bisphenol A, with colorless, tasteless, non-toxic, high temperature, low temperature and other characteristics, raw materials require 100% food grade (imported) silicone material;
2, qualified Silicone Baby Bibs to have a very soft and flexible, Silicone Baby Bibs can be extended to 5mm long, and not easy to break or deformation, the baby when drinking as breastfeeding;
3, qualified Silicone Baby Bibs with ultra-soft silicone, the thickness of ordinary Silicone Baby Bibs twice, so the baby in the process of sucking will not be damaged, while resistance to long-term bite will not be damaged;
4, qualified Silicone Baby Bibs are generally in the dust-free workshop fully automated machinery production to achieve the highest standard level;
5, qualified Silicone Baby Bibs designed as a real breast-like design and touch, so that the baby in the process of sucking as if sucking breast milk when the same feeling;
6, qualified Silicone Baby Bibs to have high temperature, weather resistance, can be adapted to repeat the high temperature, low temperature, high pressure, boiling, microwave, chemical corrosion and other security operations;
7, qualified Silicone Baby Bibs with easy to clean, not with food paste together and so on;
8, qualified Silicone Baby Bibs long life, generally can be used for more than 10 years;
9, qualified Silicone Baby Bibs are required to comply with the relevant European EN14350-2 children's products safety inspection standards, and FDA certification.
Silicone Baby Bibs use standard
1, the gum should be soft enough, the baby's gums are very weak, the material directly affects the baby's sucking and feeding full of hunger, so the child's teeth hurt the smallest.
2, through the hole is not big enough, when sucking is smooth. To buy when you can look at the size of the hole, go back to the first try to take the food is not effort.
3, the general choice of large brands of Silicone Baby Bibs more secure, do not choose yellow or other color products, usually silica gel milky white, colorless and tasteless material.
4, to appease the Silicone Baby Bibs Note Silicone Baby Bibs and butterfly seat wing bonding is stable, the entire Silicone Baby Bibs is greater than the child's mouth, so as not to the entire Silicone Baby Bibs were inhaled, dangerous.
5, Silicone Baby Bibs of the butterfly seat wing is best curvature, and there are ventilation holes, so that air circulation, saliva outflow, it will not be made of mouth cream or eczema.
6, Silicone Baby Bibs such as variants, damage, and so on, you need to change, in general, Silicone Baby Bibs only about three months of life.
Silicone Baby Bibs with Silicone Baby Bibs and latex Silicone Baby Bibs two, choose a good Silicone Baby Bibs is responsible for the attitude of the baby. Silicone Baby Bibs and latex Silicone Baby Bibs compared to have obvious advantages, Silicone Baby Bibs non-toxic harmless has replaced the traditional latex Silicone Baby Bibs.