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Silicone Baby Bibs And Poor Silicone Baby Bibs Differences

Oct 11, 2017

From the appearance, feel the difference:
1, low-quality Silicone Baby Bibs: fake Silicone Baby Bibs poor quality and bad, feel very poor, easy to deformation, but the extruded bracelet are not some deformation, it is likely that these silicone baby pocket material has been mixed Into the impurity. So that the hardness and elasticity of the hand ring to lose the original function, it will not be deformed.
2, high-quality Silicone Baby Bibs: silicone baby pocket around the hand feels will feel more smooth, the appearance is very good. There is a certain degree of flexibility, such as being squeezed in just a few pulls will be restored. General bracelet in the mold before the mold has been used for frost or smooth treatment, so the bracelet is not a layer of grease material. Such as the mold surface is not dealt with, the bracelet will only be more rough, rather than feel smooth, the network refers to the oil-like material, but the mold is not treated and with the machine oil only, such as hand ring with a layer of grease-like material The bracelet is a substandard product.
The difference in quality:
Poor Silicone Baby Bibs: Basically, the bracelet is trimmed and the edges are rough. The back of the bracelet is relatively rough on the front side. May contain chemical composition, adverse health.
High-quality Silicone Baby Bibs: the quality requirements are very strict. Burr smooth, smooth degree. Not easily deformed. Feel thick. With a mosquito effect of the fashion bracelet, with a decorative and repellent of the dual role.
High-quality Silicone Baby Bibs resistant to extrusion, no deformation, high temperature, non-toxic and tasteless and other characteristics, safety, green, not only decorative strong, there is a certain mosquito repellent, health effects, more practical value.
You love the United States, more love health, you certainly want to know what jewelry can wear beautiful and health effects. Silicone baby bib is the earliest appearance of silicone jewelry, silicone baby bib can also be called health silicone baby bib or energy bracelet, is a healthy, dynamic, positive energy symbol, representing a Kind of belief, a kind of spirit. Wear can relax, relax, improve your attention and focus. You will ask, health care silicone baby pocket really have health effects?
Health care silicone baby bib
At the moment the popular health care silicone baby bib is the most fiery. The health care silicone baby bib is known as the health bracelet, because the bracelet itself is blended with titanium, germanium, energy powder or inside the magnet. The effects and effects of these particles are different.
Silicone baby bib features
With a variety of fluorescent, luminous, a variety of colors of silicone baby bib, soft deformation, non-toxic, wear-resistant non-cracking, high temperature, long life, do not stimulate the skin, fashion and so on. In addition to decorative role, but also from the medical, health care, mosquito effect.
The use of Silicone Baby Bibs
Silicone Baby Bibs for a variety of casinos, playgrounds, can be used as gifts, souvenirs, promotional items, is a hot fashion jewelry; is a low-cost, high advertising advertising promotional gifts. Most of the sports belts do not have any practical use, just a trendy ornaments. The words of words or words on such hand bands usually reflect the beliefs and values of the people.
The meaning of Silicone Baby Bibs
The earliest appearance of silicone jewelry is silicone baby bib. 2005 Silicone Baby Bibs first appeared in the United States and quickly became popular in a short time. The world's first silicone baby bib is yellow "LIVESTRONG" silicone baby bib, the reason why people wear this silicone baby bib, the main hope that their health, resistance to cancer.
Silicone Baby Bibs culture
Silicone Baby Bibs are more associated with a variety of organizational activities, branding, sports, etc., a good design can convey very far-reaching significance. In the past 2004 and 2005 we saw a lot of successful use: fast food giant McDonald's inspirational silicone baby bib is a very successful use.
After reading the above, we all understand the advantages of Silicone Baby Bibs, wearing Silicone Baby Bibs with health effects, health gifts to send health care Silicone Baby Bibs! Let your friends and family are wearing health care silicone baby bib It is also a little, when the purchase of attention to the true and false products, we must find a regular manufacturer.