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Silicone Houseware Goods Tear Causes

Aug 18, 2017

Silicone houseware goods tear causes
We all know, Silicone houseware goods tear, pull bad and other factors, in addition to human phenomena in their respective work environment which will appear different problems, so it also led to a lot of consumer friends do not like the use of Silicone houseware goods reasons One, such as our common use of silicone mobile phone sets, may be inadvertently encountered when the sharp things can easily be drawn out of a mouth, and this is one of the important reasons for consumers to worry about, can not touch sharp weapon , Can not pull and so on the phenomenon, but no product has no complete advantage, have their own advantages and disadvantages, just to see how you use the right and maintenance fills, that for tearing, you do it!
Speaking of tearing phenomenon, it had to start from the source of production of Silicone houseware goods manufacturers, tearing phenomenon in the manufacturers there are many reasons, such as raw material reasons may lead to the choice of raw materials above the general material and high tensile material will appear Two kinds of effects, so the quality of Silicone houseware goods will be different with different materials and different quality and tear resistance, of course, in the production process if there is not enough experience to control the curing, naturally is of no avail, so in the molding process Among them, the time of control is very important, such as product curing time may lead to too long tea farmers will be too brittle, inadvertently will be torn, while cutting edge trim if there is no pruning, it may lead to the product in the follow-up It is easy to be torn!
For consumers to buy friends of the Silicone houseware goods for tearing phenomenon need to pay attention to what the problem? First of all recommended in the procurement to distinguish between the distinction between material and product quality problems, the most prominent advantage of Silicone houseware items is elastic, good quality products to see the elastic pull, stretch, soft and resilient so buy more time to see the flexibility of the product Judgment, high transparency of the products are basically high tear. In the purchase of transparency products can be judged, the hardness is to mention whether the product is anti-tear phenomenon, it belongs to the Silicone houseware goods rebound and tensile deformation required when the required force, hard in the soft is to identify the quality of the method. So when you look at the purchase carefully look at the appearance of the product whether there are minor cracks, if the purchase may be in the practical process of wear and tear in the process of tear, in the normal use of the case do not try to touch with sharp things to prevent rupture!
  Speaking of product delivery, presumably many suppliers have been urgently reminders, and sometimes the Silicone houseware goods manufacturers in the production process may occur a little mistake leading to the customer's delivery requirements on time to reach the customer lost, although this phenomenon Do not have the quality of the product caused by the problem, but in terms of delivery if you can not return customers on time, it may be the integrity of the problem, Silicone houseware so in addition to external reasons such as (logistics, express, etc.) in the manufacturers of each process are to achieve high standards The efficiency of the need to reach a certain speed, so that the work can be completed on the one hand to ensure delivery, on the other hand can bring greater profits for the company.
For the molding process, Silicone houseware to enhance the product is the main shortcut to complete the delivery, molding process to enhance the speed of curing is the fastest way, curing time and speed depends on the staff, machine, raw materials three factors, so the operator in the provisions of Of the time to complete the entry and exit mold picking is the most important, in the course of the operation which can remember the following tips, in the machine curing process to find the best way to find the best seat, to ensure that the silicone home The product of the yield and the second placement speed, Silicone houseware followed by row cradle stroke process in order to ensure that the exhaust is normal, you can adjust the pressure of the machine such as mold can be leveraged with a tool to ensure that the mold pry mold exhaust all the air, The