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Silicone Lids: Do They Work?

Jun 15, 2017

When you need to cover a large bowl of fruit or potato salad and the bowl doesn't have a lid, chances are you pull out the plastic wrap. But a company in Ohio thinks it has a better solution.

Silicone Lids have different designs that are named after flowers. According to the marketing, the lids are food-grade, BPA free, and are supposed to work on almost any type of bowl by creating an air-tight and water tight seal.

The bowls have a smooth rim to create suction. The lids are also promoted as being good for steaming foods, as well as splatter guards while cooking.

In our test, we used a 9-inch "JOY HOME" lid. We tried it on a glass bowl, a stainless steel bowl, and even a plastic bowl with a smooth, but fairly thin rim. In each instance, after simply setting the lid on the bowl, we actually did get an air tight seal.

While the marketing shows a bowl being lifted by the center handle of the JOY HOME lid, the fine print warns the lids are not designed for lifting or carrying. Depending on the retailer, they're available in 3 or 4 different sizes and sell for around $8 to $15. You can find them at our website of www.sihome.com.cn,