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Silicone Suctorial Tableware Approaches Thousands Of People

Jul 18, 2017

Silicone Suctorial Tableware approaches thousands of people

With the widespread use of silica gel in all walks of life, the fashion home Silicone Suctorial Tableware has begun to take the family, life, work and other fields. Recently, the Silicone Suctorial Tableware began to be welcomed by large consumers.

The Silicone Suctorial Tableware is a new member of kitchen utensils. His features are obvious, and the following klol silicone gives you an introduction about the benefits of using silicone office supplies:

1, Silicone Suctorial Tableware, one of the most obvious advantage is able to withstand the high temperature of 200 ℃, and can keep its original shape;

2. The Silicone Suctorial Tableware is soft, so it can play the role of anti-drop.

3. Food grade baby Silicone Suctorial Tableware and human body have very good compatibility, environmental protection, health, non-toxic, tasteless;

4, Silicone Suctorial Tableware can make tableware color become diversified, will not face drab ceramic tableware again every day;

5. Silicone Suctorial Tableware is good hydrophobic, breathable and anti-aging, so that the use time of tableware can be lengthened;

6. Easy to clean the non-stick pan coating and other advantages, and can be compared with no friction noise, reduce the dryness of the dry sound.

Today, Silicone Suctorial Tableware introduces the correct way of storing silica gel

1, Silicone Suctorial Tableware is carried out by silicone material mixer mixing made of mixing rubber as raw material, after when mixing according to the properties of the silicone office supplies needed for the design formula, hardness and set the required product. The product is molded by a silicone plate vulcanizing machine. After the product is formed, it is handled by the flying side, and the surface of the product is handled smoothly without burrs.

2. Silica gel is the elastomer of thermal solubility, and plastic is of thermal solubility. Because of different types of sulfur compounds, silica gel has a different temperature range, which can be affected by climate change and indoor temperature and humidity. Therefore, the production conditions of baby Silicone Suctorial Tableware should be adjusted in a moderate way at any time. If not, there may be differences in product quality.

3, silicone molding tableware, after pressure pressing, the cohesion of both by elastomer, cannot be eliminated when molding from, often produce unstable contraction (silicone shrinkage rate, by analysing different difference), must be after a period of time, can be gentle stability. So, when at the beginning of the industrial Silicone Suctorial Tableware manufacturer of Silicone Suctorial Tableware design, whether formula or mould, all need to be careful calculation to cooperate, if not, the size is not stable, easy to produce products products quality is low.

What should we pay attention to? We want to ensure that the Silicone Suctorial Tableware cannot be compressed and deformed to prevent the aging of the Silicone Suctorial Tableware.

A white bubble or little white dot appears in the product after the Silicone Suctorial Tableware, which is the bag wind and the trace. It is the bubble is bad, with the knife to tear open or cut open, can see the bubble inside is a honeycomb (sponge), and the hand feeling is soft and sticky. What about the solution to the problem of Silicone Suctorial Tableware? Silicone Suctorial Tableware produces bubble solutions

A. Low curing temperature causes: vulcanizing temperature when the silicone molding tableware usually set from 160 to 160 degrees Celsius, industrial Silicone Suctorial Tableware manufacturers outside the mode of operation time is too long or for other reasons make the mold for a long time did not open the vulcanizing machine heating, mold temperature and low temperature vulcanization Silicone Suctorial Tableware, cause after molding, Silicone Suctorial Tableware have bubbles

2. The cause of short vulcanization: the length of vulcanizing time determines whether the silicone button can be completely vulcanized. Vulcanization time too short, do not cause silicon to press the key to become soft after molding, more easily cause surface bubble.

Solution: extend the vulcanization time of the Silicone Suctorial Tableware.

The structure of the mould is unreasonable

Causes: Silicone Suctorial Tableware forming die design is not reasonable can cause the silicone molding tableware have bubbles, such as mould products in the way of arrangement, zoning, mold parting ways, such as the size of the mould design can create bubbles.