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Silicone Suctorial Tablewaree Raw Materials - Unsafe You Dare To Use It?

Jun 15, 2017

Food grade silicone tableware raw materials - unsafe you dare to use it?

Today's world is an information age, the development of our country is developing rapidly, people's safety awareness is getting better and better, naturally in environmental protection and safety attention to this together are relatively tight, like this year's national environmental policy rectification for contact with us Life, food, daily and other products are more stringent, against non-compliance with the safety standards of products. Especially for some products to be imported, such as baby milk, pacifier and so on. We have to pay attention, after all, is our new generation of the motherland, we have to do conscience products, so that they use more at ease.

We all know that silicone tableware is the closest rubber material in the safety and environmental protection of the material, naturally in the manufacturing sector is also more stringent! So after a variety of in-depth analysis, silicone tableware products in our lives if not environmentally friendly unsanitary, irregular Can you do it?

So in life, such as silicone tableware products harmful to the human body or serious malignant pollution of the environment I think a lot of people have to pay attention to this problem, as a member of the silicone tableware industry have to admit that sometimes the production and processing environment Dirty days of the phenomenon, but the days of eucalyptus silicone tableware for the quality of the product and safety and environmental protection that must be full of confidence for the environmental health naturally have to see silicone tableware raw materials manufacturers strict management, and in quality can be refined, Practical, efficient and so on several aspects in order to ensure that the consumer's consumer rights is not it?

Therefore, for consumers and national policies and related departments, the regulation of silicone tableware products in addition to other places have to be strictly tested. Information age, in the event of a problem to inform the consumer, and the relevant issues together, in time to fill the regulatory loopholes, so that no business loopholes can be drilled.

Organic Silicone Paste News: from GE Silicone, Bayer Silicone and Toshiba Silicone Technology, from the product point of view, offers a wide range of products including silicone elastomers, coatings, adhesives, basic siloxane polymers , Additives, specialty silicone oils and polyurethane additives. Of course, also provide customers with customized to meet specific needs. Organic silicone tableware

In the following interview, Ms. Tina Wei, Director of Global Markets for Elastomer Business, shared Momente's innovative materials for silicone tableware and its colorful applications, and presented a unique view of the market for silicone tableware.

Silicone tableware market continues to expand

Silicone tableware material has excellent resistance to high and low temperature, anti-ultraviolet, good mechanical properties, and food contact, biocompatibility and other characteristics, the application of the market is very wide, covering the baby care, consumer goods, automotive, consumer electronics, food packaging, medical Equipment, energy and aviation.