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The Origin And Function Of Silicone Bracelet

Jul 31, 2017

The Origin and Function of Silicone bracelet
The earliest appearance of the Silicone bracelet is the United States, from the 2005 Silicone bracelet at the time there are alternative meaning blessing "their own health, resistance to cancer" in the United States was very popular, the world's first Silicone bracelet is yellow , The name of the United States is "LIVESTRONG" Silicone bracelet, people bring the true meaning of blessing with Silicone bracelet experience.
 Prior to the 2005 Tour de France, the Lance Armstrong Foundation joined forces with sponsor Nike and designed the yellow wrist from Nike. They produced a total of 5 million yellow wrist ring, each priced one dollar. The wrist ring is made of rubber-like material, which is also printed with Armstrong's famous "Live Strong" (Live Strong, this sentence and "energetic Strong"). To mid-July, the first batch of yellow wrist ring sold out, the recent system of 600 million has also sold more than half. All proceeds from the sale of these wrist rings are donated to the Armstrong Foundation. During the Tour de France, thousands of spectators wore a yellow wrist and became a symbol of Armstrong's yellow jersey. Silicone bracelet first popular in the United States, the world's first Silicone bracelet is yellow "LIVESTRONG", all people wearing this bracelet common purpose is to resist disease cancer, make life stronger!
Since then, because the Silicone bracelet with environmental protection, non-toxic and tasteless, and good flexibility, easy to wear, etc., gradually developed into a popular jewelry, loved by young friends, and now various types of Silicone bracelets have been popular around the world. Silicone bracelet features, with a variety of fluorescent, luminous, multi-color Silicone bracelet, the nature is soft deformation, non-toxic, wear-resistant, high temperature, long life, do not hurt the skin.
The use of Silicone bracelet for a variety of casinos can be used as gifts, souvenirs, promotional items, etc., in the jewelry is more hot fashion products, Silicone bracelet is a low-cost consumables, but high advertising efficiency, to bring a lot of people Use, in the Silicone bracelet to add logo or some patterns, which can also reflect the people wearing the beliefs and values.
 Silicone bracelet features soft, mainly feel comfortable, colorful, environmentally friendly, do not hurt the skin, the strap can be free to twist and immediately recover, is in recent years, popular products, but also belongs to the silicone industry promotional gifts.
Science and technology term explanation: liquid, quasi-liquid or quasi-solid material to resist the flow of the volume characteristics, that is, by external force flow, the molecules presented by the internal friction or flow resistance. Normally the viscosity and hardness are proportional.
2. hardness
The ability of the material to resist the hardening of the hard objects onto its surface is called hardness. Silicone rubber has a Shore hardness range of 10 to 80, Silicone bracelet which gives the designer the freedom to choose the desired hardness with the utmost freedom to best perform a particular function. Various proportions of polymer substrates, fillers and adjuvants can be combined to achieve various intermediate hardness values. Likewise, the time and temperature of the heating cure can also change the hardness,
3. Tensile strength
Tensile strength is the force required to create a rubber material sample when it is torn. Hot tensile sulfur solid silicone rubber tensile strength range between 4.0-12.5MPa. Liquid silicone rubber tensile strength range between 3.6-11.0MPa.
Tear strength
In the incision of the sample when the power to impose the incision or score to increase the resistance. Even after the cut placed in a very high torsional stress, hot sulfur solid silicone rubber can not be torn. Hot-sulfur solid-state silicone rubber tear strength range between 9-55 kN / m. Fluorosilicone rubber tear strength range between 17.5-46.4 kN / m between. Liquid silicone rubber tear strength range between 11.5-52 kN / m.