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The Quality Of Silicone Houseware Goods How Do We Distinguish Between

Jun 30, 2017

The quality of Silicone houseware goods how do we distinguish between
In recent years, the silicone industry continues to develop and innovate, with the market disadvantage of the product increased, we try not to buy cheap to buy cheap, the saying goes, "cheap no good goods," the quality of silicone household goods Mixed, which requires us to choose the silicone household items to practice when the judgment, I hope you dry the bright eyes to choose.
Blue Aurora vulcanizing machine heating plate about the following aspects to distinguish:
First, from the characteristics of hand, the silicone product toughness, flexibility is very good, not easy due to external force and permanent deformation, and feel will feel more smooth, and fake silicone products easy to deformation, and also feel Comparison of rough, because the fake silicone surface is not a layer of grease-like material.
Second, from the characteristics, the silicone products are non-toxic tasteless and colorless products, good texture, no harm to the human body, and the general counterfeit silicone products that achieve these effects, fake and shoddy silicone products are generally toxic Pungent smell, but also relatively rough!
Third, at the same time we can also true and false silica gel through the flame burning is also very useful, fake silicone products in the burning of black smoke, the residue is black powder, really silicone products no matter what color when burning White smoke, burning residue is white powder.
      Fourth, look at the color, we buy silicone tube, look at the color, good quality color is relatively bright, smooth surface, hand to touch, feel good; and poor silicone tube feels rough, color Also more turbid.
      Fifth, smell the smell, when the smell of silicone, due to the residual curing agent, may be a little smell, but this is normal, generally placed in the air a few days time, the smell completely eliminated; and poor silicone tube, smell More stinky, unpleasant pungent.
I believe that through these five aspects we can also clearly distinguish the quality of Silicone houseware goods.
Silicone product advantages
Superior performance, coupled with silicone non-petroleum products, do not rely on the increasingly scarce oil resources, making Silicone houseware goods to become a substitute for similar plastic products is the trend, while the silicone household items can be applied to a lot of plastic products can not do with the use Areas such as baby pacifiers, human organs, etc., the application prospects are very broad.