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Use Technology To Create A Colorful World Of Silicone Bracelet

Jun 15, 2017

Use technology to create a colorful world of Silicone bracelet

Silicone bracelet market continues to expand

Silicone bracelet material has excellent resistance to high and low temperature, anti-ultraviolet, good mechanical properties, as well as food contact, biocompatibility and other characteristics, the application of the market is very wide, covering the baby care, consumer goods, automotive, consumer electronics, food packaging, Equipment, energy and aviation.


Solid Silicone Bracelet (HCR) is a high consistency product that can be extruded or calendered using conventional rubber processing equipment to meet a wide range of cost, durability and performance standards. Liquid Silicone Bracelet (LSR) is a flowable, pumpable material that can be injection molded with the lowest labor flow and the shortest cure time. Liquid silicone bracelet technology combines high-speed, cost-effective and versatile plastic injection molding with excellent rubber properties.


HCR and LSR are hot vulcanized rubber and need to be heated to crosslink the unvulcanized compound to obtain the final rubber component. In terms of cost efficiency, LSR demonstrates its advantages in the processing of large quantities of silicone bracelet parts with less labor and faster production cycle times to automate. LSR in Europe and the United States has established a dominant position in the market, the industry chain has also been innovative.


Compared with other rubber materials, organic silicone bracelet showed great advantages. Silicone bracelet are not only suitable for general use, such as baby pacifiers, kitchen supplies, rubber mats, etc., but also for some special needs to provide quality options, such as other materials can not afford extreme temperature applications, outdoor LED lighting optical lens, electronic products, Car parts and so on. Over the years, China has been the strongest growth market for Silicone bracelet, especially in consumer electronics, food contact packaging, automotive and medical equipment.


 "We can see the future of these markets continue to grow in China, the main driving force will come from people on food and human contact materials used in a higher sense of security, and gradually improve the laws and regulations, the final product quality requirements of the difference Cost-effective demand and increased capacity for automated processing capabilities, and as China's labor costs rise, LSR will provide greater space for processing manufacturers with its total cost savings and efficiency gains, "Tina commented.


Everything speaks with the product

Silicone bracelet at the Shanghai International Rubber & Plastics Exhibition (CHINAPLAS) on April 25-28 shows some of the advantages of innovative products and customization capabilities. The new products include: Silopren * LSR RSH series, high liquid silicone bracelet (LSR 7000 series), high-rigidity enhanced liquid silicone bracelet (LSR Matrix), self-adhesive liquid silicone bracelet (LSR2700 series), silicone )Wait. These products bring benefits to many downstream applications, such as food medical packaging, lighting industry and the electronics industry with optical lens lenses, wearable equipment, consumer electronics, auto parts and medical equipment.



Tina's list of typical applications for several innovative materials. For example, in the field of food packaging and medical packaging, Silopren * LSR RSH series of materials made of silicone valves, can significantly reduce the gap of the valve incision self-healing or self-adhesive, not only reduces the silicone valve products in the production process costs, More importantly, to avoid the risk of contamination caused by additional anti-sticking additives or processes, and to bring benefits to a variety of silicone valves (such as medical liquid entry system products) for the food, medical and baby care industries. Organic silicone