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What Are The Properties Of Silicone Mat Products?

Jul 07, 2017

What are the properties of Silicone Mat products?

Silica gel pad is oil products, do not rely on increasingly shortage of petroleum resources, make the Silicone Mat products has been a substitute for the similar plastic products, is the trend of The Times, at the same time the Silicone Mat products can be applied to many plastic products can not achieve the purpose of the field, such as baby pacifier, with organs, is very wide application prospect.

The quality factor of silicone cushion is also very important.

A, silica gel pad material can lead to the quality of the silica gel pad products difficult to open, the poor quality of silica gel pad material its toughness is insufficient, tear strength, also in the process of demolition edge must be hard to down side.

Second, the product formed in the molding process is thicker, so the rough edges are actually thicker, the increase of thickness must also lead to the difficulty of dismantling.

Three, sulfide environment factors, curing temperature is appropriate, the problem of too high too low will lead to difficult to open, vulcanization time also need good control at the same time, the curing time is too long will cause the product brittle, vulcanization time too short can cause sulfide link effect, so sulfide link must control well.

Four, molding problems, if the mold since the design is not reasonable, molding mold used long, molding mold wear serious, molding die quality closes nevertheless, these conditions will lead to production forming hard to split the edge.

With the continuous development of science and technology, the Silicone Mat can also improve the product quality, the development of electronic commerce make its constant innovation and development, the Silicone Mat products industry needs more than domestic demand abroad, because of the domestic product too much, list the amount of small things, and customers are not willing to design production, for some of the senior and old customers, silica gel pad is small adorn article this piece was able to solve the problem of food and clothing. The price of silicone cushion products is significantly higher than that of rubber products, because the silicone cushion products are excellent products with no toxicity and side effects. In some areas only Silicone Mats are available.

In terms of mobile phone keys, due to the fast mobile phone upgrade, so basically need type or more silica gel pad buttons, besides high quality silica gel pad buttons easily by Shanghai rubber pieces of customer trust.

In case of electronics (mobile phone sets, mobile phone protective film, video games and watch band), although is need every year because of mobile phone replacement fast, if a novice to come in, it is also difficult, mostly do were cooked. So, the result, some manufacturers do not come over, some cold clear, form contrast.

Kitchen utensils. In European and American families, the kitchen utensils are mostly coated with Silicone Mats or a Silicone Mat. It's green, and the price of a real Chinese product is a vicious competition. According to the research and analysis report of China's silicone rubber cushion and silicone cushion products industry market in 2013-2018 released by China report hall, the characteristics of Silicone Mat products:

1, the Silicone Mat products high and low temperature resistance, can use for a long time, at about 250 ℃ high temperature 60 ℃ below zero is still under elastic;

2, electrical insulating properties, the dielectric properties of the Silicone Mat is wonderful, especially the high temperature dielectric properties of organic rubber, considerably more than the general dielectric strength within 20-200 ℃ is almost not affected by temperature;

3. Excellent weather resistance, ozone resistance and ultraviolet radiation resistance. It has long been used outside and has not cracked. It is generally believed that the silicone cushion can be used outdoors for more than 20 years;

4. Excellent high temperature compression permanent deformation;

5. Good processing performance, easy to shape and other advantages, can be made by extrusion hot air vulcanization molding, molding, extension molding, etc.

Because the silica gel pad products has excellent comprehensive performance and good technical and economic effect, has been in the aviation, aerospace, electrical appliances, electronics, instrumentation, automotive, machinery, metallurgy, chemical industry, medical and health care, such as daily life obtained widespread application in every field. So the Silicone Mat products development prospect.