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What Is Silicone Suctorial Tableware?

Sep 11, 2017

What is Silicone Suctorial Tableware?
Silicone Suctorial Tableware is a new type of innovative kitchen utensils, the color has a variety of prices according to the use of different uses will be different. There are a large number of people may not have heard of Silicone Suctorial Tableware utensils, so the Silicone Suctorial Tableware utensils manufacturers Xiaobian let us tell you what is in the end.
First, the Silicone Suctorial Tableware profile
Silicone Suctorial Tableware products in the use of food grade FDA, FLGB as the standard special silica gel as raw material, by molding or encapsulation with the production of products. It is a kind of new type of kitchen utensils which is converted into kitchen utensils, such as hardware, plastic and other kitchen utensils, which is the kitchen utensils, Environmental protection, chemical stability, high temperature, soft, anti-fouling, dirt, non-stick and other superior performance, in many materials, kitchen utensils stand out. In foreign countries, by the European and American countries, people welcome, some silicone life supplies is scarce.
Second, the advantages of Silicone Suctorial Tableware
High temperature: Applicable temperature range -40 to 230 degrees Celsius, can be used in microwave and oven.
Easy to clean: Silicone gel products produced after silica gel can be rinsed with water and can be cleaned in the dishwasher.
Long life: the chemical properties of silica gel is very stable, the system to make the product, compared with other materials have a longer life.
Soft and comfortable: thanks to the softness of silicone materials, Silicone Suctorial Tableware utensils feel comfortable, very flexible, no deformation.
Color and diverse: according to the needs of customers, the deployment of a different beautiful color.
Environmental non-toxic: from raw materials into the finished product to the finished product shipments do not produce any toxic and hazardous substances.
Third, the classification of Silicone Suctorial Tableware utensils
Silicone products mold category
Silicone cake mold, silicone ice cream, silica gel frying device, silicone chocolate mold: soft and easy to release silicone, high temperature, low temperature, no deformation characteristics, can be designed into their own shape like the shape of the silicone cake mold Used for high temperature baking cakes, silica ice cubes used to make ice, iced drinks, silicone frying device can be fried eggs out of their favorite shape, silicone chocolate mold, can be used to make a variety of shapes of chocolate.
Silicone scraper, silicone shovel, silicone whisk, silicone spoon, silicone oil brush: the use of silicone stability, durability, plasticity of the characteristics of the production of cooking gadgets, scraper, shovels can be used to make fruit salad, cream cake, Silicone whisk evenly stir the egg liquid, silicone oil brush oil will be applied to the food, not hair loss.
Silicone Bowl, Silicone Bottle, Silicone Cup, Silicone Cup, Silicone Folding Bowl, Silicone Lunch Box: Silicone Lavish: It is excellent in the use of silicone soft features, no deformation, no broken, made of silicone bowl, pots, cups and other food, select.
Fourth, the Silicone Suctorial Tableware is really high temperature?
1, silica gel adsorption of water, can be removed by thermal desorption method of water, a variety of ways to heat, such as electric furnace, flue heat and hot air drying. Desorption heating temperature control in the 120-180 ℃ is appropriate for the blue plastic indicator, discoloration silica gel, DL-type blue silica gel is controlled at 100 - 120 ℃ is appropriate.
2, the maximum temperature of various industrial silica gel regeneration should not exceed the following limits: coarse silica gel shall not be higher than 600 ℃; fine silica gel shall not be higher than 200 ℃; blue plastic indicator (or discoloration silica gel) shall not be higher than 120 ℃; Silicone aluminum shall not be higher than 350 ° C. After the regeneration of the silica gel, the water is generally controlled below 2% can be re-put into use. Silicone kitchen is the main component of silicon dioxide, chemical stability, not burning.
3, Silicone Suctorial Tableware utensils material, soft, reduce the damage to the child's skin, not easy to break, whether your baby is in the feeding stage or just start their own learning to eat, or have been skilled use of their own dining tableware, Silicone Suctorial Tableware is definitely your first choice Essential products.
5, Silicone Suctorial Tableware poisonous?
1, all the Silicone Suctorial Tableware in order to sell in the local, must meet their relevant food-grade testing standards. Such as the US FDA standard, the European BFR standard, especially in accordance with the EU BFR developed by the German food grade LFGB standard, is almost the world's most stringent food-grade testing standards.
2, according to incomplete statistics, in China, each year for the production of silicone rubber silicone rubber more than 50,000 tons, 90% of these tableware are exported to Europe and the United States, and in our domestic sales is very poor. This very environmentally friendly and healthy materials, in our country long-term lack of large-scale promotion and use, in addition to our cautious care, the greater reason is that we rarely have channels to understand this material.
What is the Silicone Suctorial Tableware, I believe we all understand. Silicone kitchen materials are scarce, almost all imported materials, there is no toxicity and taste, strong stability, and the outside world does not have any reaction, we can rest assured that the use.